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USDA Value Added Ag Grant for 2018

By kevin • August 23, 2017 • Filed in: Uncategorized

This year’s funding announcement is expected in the coming weeks for the USDA Value Added Agriculture grant program.    Ag producers who produce an agriculture product of some kind can apply for funding that will assist them in processing or otherwise increasing the value so they can capture more of the overall value of their product.   We have worked with clients who had waste to energy programs, grapes to wine, and market hogs to branded and packaged pork cuts.

In past years funding was awarded at two levels a smaller grant and a larger grant with the latter requiring additional submission documents.  In each case in kind or match funding is required from the applicant or partner entities.

This is a great program for individual producers as well as rural areas as it allows more product value, inputs and labor to stay local and to benefit to rural communities.

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