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Alternative Sources of Financing for Businesses and Non-Profits.

By kevin • December 1, 2013 • Filed in: Uncategorized

During the past several years I have devoted part of my time to helping businesses and non-profits find money to fund their projects.  These sources have included grants, tax credits, low interest loans and equity capital.  I have been involved in renewable energy, waste and recycling, and other economic development activities.

There are certain circumstances in which businesses can obtain grant funding.  These include when they adopt innovative practices that in some way help an emerging industry, create new markets for products, or reduce pollution and fossil fuel use.

In order to qualify for funding, organizations must have a strong business plan and an implementation strategy that provides a detailed road map for success.  We help build the organization, find key partners, implement strategy and communicate the vision in order to make it a reality.

If you have an idea and would like to talk about some options please contact me.

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